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Il 13/4/2023, ore12, si terrą presso l'Aula di Fisiologia, Istituti Biologici, Via Giuseppe Campi 287, 41125 Modena il seminario: EEG assisted drug repurposing across the neurodevelopmental spectrum. Relatore: prof. Prof. Hilgo Bruining, Amsterdam UMC. Host: prof. Antonio Persico UNIMORE.

Riassunto: Pharmacological options for neurodevelopmental disorders are limited to symptom suppressing agents that do not target underlying pathophysiological mechanisms. Studies on specific genetic disorders causing neurodevelopmental disorders have elucidated pathophysiological mechanisms to develop more rational treatments. The presentation will show the outcomes of the concerted multi-level strategy focusing on excitation/inhibition ratio homeostasis across different levels of neuroscientific interrogation, which is based in the N=You Neurodevelopmental Precision Center at the Amsterdam University Medical Center. The overall aim is to develop personalized drug repurposing treatment strategies by linking iPSC-based models and novel EEG measurements to patient report outcome measures in individual patients.

CV del  Prof. Hilgo Bruining: Hilgo Bruining is a child psychiatrist and full professor at the Amsterdam University Medical Center in the Netherlands. He founded the “N=You Neurodevelopmental Precision Center” and is the Head of the Department of Neurodevelopmental Disorders. He is the PI of several translational research consortia such as Brainmodel.nl and NewTDech. He was awarded several prizes including the Freinburg Foundation award, the van Dam van Os prize, the Amsterdam team Neuroscience award and was recently nominated for the Amsterdam Societal Impact award

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