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 Il 2 maggio 2022 ore 14 si terrą il seminario del  prof. Ken Lukowiak : The many forms of memory in Lymnaea. Why we should be interested in all of them, presso l'aula U1.3 – MO51 Via Giuseppe Campi, 103, 41125 Modena.

CV del docente

Ken Lukowiak received his PhD in 1972 from SUNY Albany, NY, USA.  He then went on to do a post-doctoral fellowship in the School of Medicine at the University of Kentucky, USA in the laboratory of Bert Peretz. He accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology at McGill University in Montreal, PQ, Canada in 1975 but was then seduced away to Calgary by the Rocky Mountains and the new Medical School at the University of Calgary in 1978. He has been a member of the Neuroscience Research Group, which later morphed into the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, ever since. Lukowiak's current research interests focus on how environmentally relevant stressors alter long-term memory formation - primarily in the pond snail, Lymnaea stagnalis. In addition to his current position as Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Lukowiak is a visiting Professor at Tribhuvan University and Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he helped set up the first medical school in Nepal, and also a visiting Professor at the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences in Mwanza, Tanzania. He has been an Editor of Journal of Experimental biology since 2004 and is also on the Editorial Board of the open-access journals Molecular Brain and Communicative and Integrative Biology.


Si allega locandina dell'evento.


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